Magic: The Gathering in Leeds

First timer or experienced player, Geek Retreat is the most fun and welcoming place in which to play Magic: The Gathering in Leeds

We run Magic: the Gathering events in our Leeds store every day of the week. If you’d like learn to play our friendly and experienced staff would love to teach you. We pride ourselves on being great hosts for our amazing community of Magic players, who you can always find in store enjoying casual play, commander, standard, modern and of course Friday Night Magic.

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Our Weekly Magic: The Gathering Events

Magic Monday Draft Night – Geek Retreat Leeds

£12 event entry will get you 3 booster packs to draft with & put 1 booster into the prize pool. Event entry also includes a free drink in the price. read more

Magic – Paper Pauper

Pauper is a format where only Common cards are allowed to be used. If a card has ever been printed as a common it is valid in Pauper unless it is on the Tolarian Community college ban list below. read more

Players bring a Standard Legal deck, min 60 cards and may have a 15 card sideboard. Rounds are matched using Swiss pairing, each Round is played best of 3 (first to 2), and is limited to 50 mins… read more

This is designed to be a fun and casual event where people who are new to magic, getting back into it or are unsure about playing in tournaments, can come down and get some practice and improve their skills in a friendly environment… read more

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