Geek Retreat is an Entertainment Retailer – a comic book store, cafe and events hub rolled into one! We have six city-centre stores, in Glasgow, Newcastle, Birmingham, Leeds, Milton Keynes & Wirral, which stock “geek culture” merchandise like comics, posters, clothing, figures & memorabilia as well as games and gaming accessories.

Our Geek Retreat stores host events, like comic book signings, games tournaments and quizzes, every day, 363 days of the year. Contact our staff to arrange a visit or to hold your event with us. We have free-to-use graphic novels, board games, games consoles & more in all stores.

Our in-store cafes sell delicious coffees, soft drinks, burgers, hotdogs, paninis, sweet treats & more – see our full menu for details. We are particularly proud of our amazing ice-cream-based “Supershakes” and our legendary “Hulk Smash!” dessert!

Above all, Geek Retreat is a haven created by geeks, for geeks. So please do “stop in & geek out”!