Magic: The Gathering in Birmingham

Experienced player or looking to learn, Geek Retreat is the most fun and inviting place to play Magic: The Gathering in Birmingham

We run Magic: the Gathering events in our Birmingham store almost every day of the week. If you’d like learn to play, our friendly and experienced staff would love to teach you. We pride ourselves on being great hosts for a fantastic community of Magic players, who you can always find in store enjoying casual play, commander, standard, modern and of course Friday Night Magic.

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Our Magic: The Gathering Events

Welcome to Core Set 2020 Pre Release. This is going to be a big set and we are looking forward to this, and here is some more amazing news, not having to wait until 12am we are now allowed to run the first Pre-release at Friday Night Magic… read more

Can’t get enough of drafting? We’ve got you covered, the entry fee is £ 10 Each entrant will receive three booster packs of the last Standard set, with which to draft their deck… read more

Entry cost – £5 – Standard Showdown is back, come on down each Wednesday during WAR and play some Standard with a chance to win one of the Standard Showdown packs… read more

Magic: The Gathering – Modern Tournament – Every Thursday

Looking to play in a Modern tournament, well we’ve got you covered! Every Thursday we’re hosting a Modern tournament, the entry fee is just £5 and the prize structure is you’ll get £2.50 in store credit per round won… read more

Always wanted to learn Magic: The Gathering but no idea where to start? No problem, just pop in anytime between 1pm & 5pm and our lovely on hand staff will give you a few free introduction games… read more

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