Magic: The Gathering in Glasgow

First timer or experienced player, Geek Retreat is the most fun and welcoming place in which to play Magic: The Gathering in Glasgow

We run Magic: the Gathering events in our Glasgow store every day of the week. If you’d like learn to play our friendly and experienced staff would love to teach you. We pride ourselves on being great hosts for our amazing community of Magic players, who you can always find in store enjoying casual play, commander, standard, modern and of course Friday Night Magic.

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Our Weekly Magic: The Gathering Events

Whether you are a seasoned drafter or new to the format you should join our weekly draft. It’s great fun, you get to build a deck, play some games and at the end you keep your cards and maybe win some prizes… read more

Are you looking for some mid-week Magic shenanigans? Entry is only £5 and each player will get one participation pack & 1 pack into the prize pool, which will be distributed according to Swiss standings… read more

It’s the official night for Magic the Gathering across the world and we want to welcome you into the store for a day full of casual play and competition with this awesome game… read more

Sundays @ 2pm and Entry ONLY £5! Get your Standard Deck ready and get into the store for some friendly competition and awesome Standard Showdown Prizes… read more

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