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You should be reading: Through The Woods

Written by Emily Carroll Art by Emily Carroll Published by Faber & Faber My love of horror media should come as no surprise at this point folks. I have spoke about my love of the spooky and creepy at length on this site in the past, and will probab …


Celebrate Pokemon’s 20th Anniversary with a Free Mew

  It is pretty hard to believe that Pokémon has been a part of our lives for twenty years now. We started out with only 151 of these crazy little creatures that stole our hearts in the 90s and now we have over 700 of them! How time has flown. We h …


This Week’s Events At Geek Retreat Newcastle!

And look at that, we’re back again with even more events here At Geek Retreat. For the rest of our weekly rundown it’s time to head in a southerly direction, towards Newcastle, and find out what’s in store for geeks in the area over the next seven days …


This Week’s Events At Geek Retreat Glasgow!

Good Morning Geek Retreaters! It’s yet another Monday and that means one very important thing. It means that it’s time for us to go through our weekly rundown of events coming at you lovely folk here at Geek Retreat! We’ll start of our journey through …


Goosebumps the Movie Review

For a lot of people growing up, the Goosebumps book series was their first introduction to horror. The classics of R.L. Stine introduced our young minds to spooks, plot twists and all manner of horrific creatures that remained ingrained in our memories …


First trailer for DreamWorks’ Trolls is… something alright

Do you remember Trolls dear readers? I don’t mean the ones that live under dark bridges or stalk internet message boards. I mean the toys from the 90’s. Known for their big and colourful hair, the dolls became a mainstay of 90’s pop culture, despite ha …


Reviews of Tomorrow’s Comics: Ghostbusters International #1

Written by Erik Burnham Art by Dan Schoening Published by IDW Comics I can’t recommend IDW’s Ghostbusters comic series enough if I’m being honest. Fun and light hearted with a dose of spookiness, the series showcases the best elements of the movie in c …


This Week’s Events At Geek Retreat Newcastle!

  But wait, we’re not done yet! It’s time to continue our usual rundown of events this week at Geek Retreat, only this time we’re traveling down towards Newcastle. We’ve got plenty in store for all you lovely geeks, and plenty to offer in the way …